Groups for MemberMouse


Groups for MemberMouse is one of the most sought after add-ons for MemberMouse, allowing you to offer memberships to businesses, schools, sports teams, and other users who need the ability to give access to your membership site to their team members.

Groups allows you to extend MemberMouse’s premium Member Management tool with the ability to sell “seats of membership” to your members. This gives your members the capability to add their own users to their own account. The beauty is that you can increase your profit by allowing your members to purchase membership with any varying amount of seats:

3 seats: $100/mo
5 seats: $120/mo
10 seats: $200/mo

This is the perfect solution for many different business models wanting to offer seats of membership:

  • B2B
  • Coaches
  • Churches
  • Sales Teams
  • and many more!

Groups for MemberMouse REQUIRES MemberMouse in order to run.

Some features include

  • Sell seats of membership to your products and memberships.
  • Offers support for the same subscriptions/pricing plans that MemberMouse does.
  • Integrates directly with MemberMouse
  • Dedicated Leader Management Screen – Leaders are able to manage their groups easily from a dedicated mangement screen.
  • Easy to Manage for Admins – Easily create or remove groups, add any kind of payment plan to your group products, and add and remove members from specific groups.

Thanks to the Github Community
Thank you to the Github community for contributing to the plugin’s codebase and for bringing it to the state is in today. Mintun Media decided to take ownership of the codebase and has enhanced its security, stability, and WordPress compatibility. We look forward to working with the Github and WordPress communities to add new features all while adhering to WordPress coding standards. We also encourage you to make a pull request if you see any issues or have ideas to enhance the plugin.

Shortcodes and URLs
You’ll need to add a special shortcode to your checkout page in between the [MM_Form type="checkout"] and [/MM_Form] tags. This shortcode may have a different ID than the one displayed here: [MM_Form_Field type="custom-hidden" id="1"]

You’ll want to place a shortcode on the Group Leader’s payment confirmation page, this shows them their member signup link (which they’ll use to send to the people they want to invite to your membership): [MM_Group_SignUp_Link]

Important: You can add the [MM_Group_SignUp_Link] shortcode anywhere. The Payment Confirmation page may not be the most ideal place to put this shortcode.

Group Leader Management Page
[MM_Group_Leader_Dashboard signup-link=’hide’ add-member=’show’ action-column=’hide’]
You can add the front-end Group Leader Dashboard to any page with this shortcode! This dashboard allows your Group Leaders to add members, delete members, grab their group sign up link and see all the members in their group.

Shortcode Attributes aren’t required. They default to “show”. If you want to hide them, you can set them to “hide”

Group Member View Only Listing
Displays a member list (like the Group Leader Dashboard but without admin features) for members of the group to view other members.


  • The Groups Dashboard


  1. Install this marvelous plugin
  2. Activate it
  3. Navigate to MemberMouse > Groups to set it up!
  4. Be sure to add the shortcodes necessary to make it work properly (you’ll see these show up as alerts in your WP admin area)
  5. Start selling group memberships and increase your ROI ten-fold! (hopefully!)


སྤྱི་ཟླ་བཅུ་གཅིག་པ། 7, 2018
5 STARS! Mintun Media rocks and I’ve hired them multiple times to help our church websites. MemberMouse would have been too overwhelming for us without Mintun Media’s help. And now this plugin!! What a Godsend!
སྤྱི་ཟླ་བཅུ་གཅིག་པ། 7, 2018
Groups for MemberMouse has helped my business so much! It allowed us to sell group memberships within MemberMouse without any trouble at all. It has already increased our monthly revenue by 2.5x just because we were able to make our offer juicier for our members by allowing them to invite their own members! The plugin is super easy to use, and the support has been great so far! Thank you!!!!
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Contributors & Developers

“Groups for MemberMouse” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.



– BUG FIX: There was a compatibility bug when using Membermouse 3.0 and up due to their database changes. This bug has been fixed and backwards compatibility and support has been added to prevent issues if running a membermouse version prior to 3.0 and up.

– BUG FIX: Fixed a PHP8 compatibility issue causing issues when creating a group leader

– BUG FIX: Fixed a PHP8 compatibility issue causing route response issues when adding a group

– BUG FIX: Fixed a conditional bug that caused the delete action button to not show in the Group Leader Dashboard shortcode

– ENHANCEMENT: Includes changes to how updates are deployed.

– ENHANCEMENT: Added attribute support to Group Leader Dashboard shortcode. Can now display members in table based on status
– ENHANCEMENT: Updated Group Leader Dashboard shortcode to allow multiple uses on the same page

– ENHANCEMENT: Added Filtering and sorting functionality to Group Leader Dashboard

– ENHANCEMENT: Updated group leader dashboard shortcode to allow showing/hiding elements. Updated
– ENHANCEMENT: Added a View Only member dashboard shortcode visible by members

2.1.1 Added filter to change group leader role and group leader name: add_filter('groupsmm_group_leader_role_slug'), add_filter('groupsmm_group_leader_role_name')

2.1.0 Bug fixes and logs cleanup

2.0.9 Fixed DB Checker.

2.0.8 Added Group Member Dashboard. Shortcode: [MM_Group_Leader_Dashboard]. Added member statuses within groups.

2.0.7 Improve group signup functionality if group is cancelled. Add Developer hooks to group creation process and add member process.

2.0.6 Added support for members being able to sign up for a cancelled group and given full access. Now redirects to default checkout and shows a popup error. If somehow someone gets through, there’s extra support to cancel their membership in the site based on the group’s status being cancelled.

2.0.5 Improved Group Leader status change handler to include Expired status. Now if a group leader expires, all their group members under them will also expire.

2.0.4 Improved member upgrade/downgrade functionality. Improved logging. Improved Group Leader cancellation automation – cancels all members and cancels group. Fixed misc PHP warnings.

2.0.3 Added group member upgrade/downgrade functionality.

2.0.2 Fixed pagination issues on Admin Group Dashboard and Group Leader Dashboard.

2.0.1 Added ability for Group Leader to delete members on Group Leader Dashboard – only if that member does not have a paid subscription. Updated Docs.

– Added Admin groups management dashboard
– Added ability for admin to remove member’s from groups
– Added ability for Admin’s to see who is in each group
– Added ability for Admin’s to navigate to member’s profile from Admin Dashboard
– Improved remove Member functionality – to also remove Group Custom Field in MM
– Gave admin ability to remove a member from group when member doesn’t have any active subscriptions. Before it’d only allow it if the member’s status = cancelled
– Added Getting Started tab with light documentation
– General Housekeeping and cleanup

1.0.4 Fixed Notices – Now notices will be dismissable.

1.0.3 Fixed bugs. – Removed Description Field from Create Group. Not used. Fixed issue with Pagination in plugin and number of results to display. Updated loading gif to fontawesome.

1.0.2 Initial release on WordPress Plugin Repository. Fixed a lot of dependency issues within the plugin. Plugin taken over by Mintun Media from MemberMouse and maintaining it for good.

1.0.1 Update to release on Github

1.0.0 Initial Release on Github