iSMS WordPress WooCommerce SMS Notification


Using iSMS WordPress WooCommerce plugin, you are able to serve your online customers more efficiently and ease after sales service.

WordPress WooCommerce online store owners can:

Notify customers through SMS when the order is made and subsequent order status updates.
Send custom SMS to your customers via the admin order management page.
iSMS WordPress WooCommerce plugin is free and we cover secure gateways for the SMS plugin. Sign up an iSMS account, top up some SMS credits and you can start enjoy our SMS services within the comfort of your WordPress WooCommerce online store.


This plugin is Free Software, released and licensed under the GPL, version 2 (
You may use it free of charge for any purpose.


  • Account set up in plugin
  • Notification and message management
  • Notification and message management
  • Notification and message management
  • SMS nofication for successful checkout / order processing
  • Send Manual SMS page
  • Send Manual SMS to customers


The easiest way to install iSMS WordPress WooCommerce plugin is via WordPress Dashboard. Go to the “Plugins” screen, click “Add New”, and search for “iSMS” in the WordPress Plugin Directory. Then, click “Install Now”. Lastly, click “Activate” and you can start using the plugin!

Manual installation for iSMS WordPress WooCommerce Plugin:
1. Upload ‘wcm-isms’ directory to the “/wp-content/plugins/” directory e.g via FTP
2. Activate the plugin through the “Plugins” menu in WordPress
3. Enter username and password of valid iSMS account in iSMS Settings page

Plugin Configurations:
1. Go to iSMS. Fill in your username, admin phone and password. Next, click “Save Changes” to save your settings.
2. Go to WooCommerce > Settings. Click on iSMS.
3. Click on the “Manage” button to manage your iSMS notifications.
4. Tick on Enable Notification. Fill in the SMS To Admin For Order Processing and SMS To Customer For Order Processing. Next, tick on Send SMS To Admin On Order Processing and Send SMS To Customer On Order Processing. Lastly, click “Save Changes” to save your settings.
5. Go to iSMS > Sent Message. You will see the SMS nofication for successful checkout / order processing.
6. Go to WooCommerce > Orders. Click on the order name.
7. Type any message in Send SMS box. Click on the “Send SMS” button to send message.


Where do you get the username and password?

You can create an iSMS account at iSMS website.

How do you purchase credit?

Click the Reload Credit link next to the balance amount or visit our iSMS website.


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