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Live Chat by Supsystic


Chat and support your customers, help your visitors before they leave your website. Online Live Chat by Supsystic is the fastest way to engage your customers. The first stand-alone Live Chat plugin. You don’t need to register on any services.
Make sure your visitors are getting their needs addressed as quickly as possibly with live chat support.
Why do you need Live Chat by Supsystic:

  • Unlimited live chats
  • Real-time visitor monitoring
  • Live Chat window design templates and customization
  • Unlimited live chat agents
  • Live Chat history and statistics
  • Mobile Live Chat applet (Android) for agents
  • Email notification
  • Sound notification
  • HTML/CSS editing

We release Live Chat Applet for Android!

Beta version of the Live Chat by Supsystic ready! Now you can chat with your customers and visitors through out your mobile. Now we’re uploading Android version and then will be ready iOS and Windows version of Live Chat mobile applet. Contact Us with mobile applet review and request for the new features and issues.

Live Chat by Supsystic Mobile Applet for Android – more info

Live Сhat Support by Supsystic designed to be simple and smart. Live chat integration is very easy. Live Chat Support by Supsystic can be customized to fit your unique branding and style, making sure your customers get a seamless experience from start to finish.

Often, with major purchases, the customer has to think about it. They may want to compare prices and different models to determine to be sure they’re getting a good deal. With these long-term high-ticket purchases, they may come back to the site several times for chat and support.

Beyond that, users who participate in Live Chat tend to convert three times as often as those who don’t. Live Chat support is cheaper than emails and phone calls, as so one live chat agent can typically do the work of about five-ten customer support specialists who are handling emails and calls instead of live chat. Appreciate Simple Live Chat software plugin!

Translations Online Live Chat Support by Supsystic in Your Language

You have an incredible opportunity to get PRO version of the Online Live Chat for free. Just make translation of the Live Chat Support by Supsystic plugin!
Contact Us if you want to translate the Live Chat plugin. Available Translations:

  • English
  • French
  • Hungarian
  • Italian
  • Spanish
  • Turkish

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Do You Need Live Chat Software?

Do you sell products or services on your WordPress website and how do you provide fast access to product support?

One downside of selling online compared to running a physical store is that you don’t have a staff of people trained to walk up to each customer and answer questions. If someone virtually walks into your online store there are no sales or customer service representatives to help and support people navigate through your site or guide them to a desired product or service. Supsystic Live Chat is live chat software plugin. Allows you to talk with your website visitors. Our live chat plugin is the most scalable and flexible Live Chat for wordpress websites.

Luckily we create onlive live chat support plugin that give your customers a live chat popup screen to connect directly with someone who knows more.

  • Live chat is an important feature. For example 56% of respondents to their study have chatted once on a company’s website. and 49% prefer to talk with a live chat agent during the purchase. The same study concluded that 39% used live chat more than once.
  • Live chat increases sales. As humans, we always look for good advice. It is a strange thing, but we do trust advices from the seller and if those sellers give you good advice in live chat, you tend to go back to them more often. Live chat allows you to build a relationship with your customers.
  • Live chat is light on budget. If you compare live chat and phone calls, chatting is much more affordable. Unlike call agents, chat personnel can handle multiple clients at the same time in Live Chat.


  • Live Chat by Supsystic chat window. A live chat plugin built to help your website increase conversion and make visitors and owners closer to each other. Live Chat by Supsystic is the best live chat solution for small businesses or websites looking to chat with website visitors in order to grow their online sales and conversions.


  1. Download Live Chat by Supsystic plugin
  2. Unarchive Live Chat Support plugin
  3. Copy the folder with Live Chat by Supsystic plugin
  4. Open ftp \wp-content\plugins\ Live Chat by Supsystic
  5. Paste the plug-ins folder in the folder
  6. Go to admin panel => open item “Plugins” => activate Live Chat by Supsystic plugin


First time Live Chat by Supsystic user

Complete tutorial How to create your first Live Chat

How to install PRO version of plugin?

To install Live Chat by Supsystic PRO follow this instruction

Where is documentation for Live Chat by Supsystic WP plugin?

Here it is Live Chat Documentation

How to create an agent for live chat?

In order to create the agent –
1. Go to WordPress admin area -> Live Chat Settings -> Agents tab -> “Add new agent”.
2. Then just add required user information about this agent in opened window – username, email, password, user role etc.
3. Also you can add the agent role for any of your existing user – just select user in your WordPress admin area and activate checkbox “Live Chat Agent” on User Profile screen.


སྤྱི་ཟླ་གཉིས་པ། 7, 2017
Esay to install! Easy to use! Free! Extremely configurable, so many options, thank you so much for sharing it!
སྤྱི་ཟླ་དགུ་པ། 3, 2016
It really flexible, i did try mostly live chat plugin and others service so limited free features and others connecting their own dashboard (3th party website) but this plugin so smart. Thank you
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Contributors & Developers

“Live Chat by Supsystic” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.


“Live Chat by Supsystic” has been translated into 3 locales. Thank you to the translators for their contributions.

Translate “Live Chat by Supsystic” into your language.

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1.5.3 / 21.11.2019

  • Remove phpmailer code
  • Minor bug fixes

1.5.2 / 21.11.2019

  • Fix for WP 5.3
  • Minor bug fixes

1.5.1 / 05.11.2019

  • Minor bug fixes

1.5.0 / 22.10.2019

  • Minor bug fixes

= 1.4.9 / 09.10.2019
* Minor issues fix

= 1.4.8 / 17.09.2019
* Minor code improvements

= 1.4.7 / 20.08.2019
* Minor fixes

= 1.4.6 / 06.08.2019
* Add gitignore
* Minor issues fix

= 1.4.5 / 03.06.2019
* Update French language
* Update languages source from POT

= 1.4.4 / 14.05.2019
* Minor code improvements

= 1.4.3 / 27.03.2019
* Change languages for test translates
* Add language fix for LiveChat
* Minor issues fix

= 1.4.2 / 25.02.2019
* Minor issues fix

= 1.4.1 / 29.01.2019
* Fixed behavior until making action option
* Fixed position of the eyecatced image

= 1.4.0 / 18.12.2018
* Minor issues fix
* Translation compatibility

= 1.3.9 / 28.11.2018
* Fixes for translations
* Minor issues fix

= 1.3.8 / 15.11.2018
* Minor issues fix
* Code improvements

= 1.3.7 / 18.09.2018
* Minor code improvements

= 1.3.6 / 12.09.2018
* Minor Core code improvements
* Minor issues fix

= 1.3.5 / 05.09.2018
* Core code improvements
* Minor issues fix

= 1.3.4 / 21.08.2018
* Minor issues fix

= 1.3.3 / 08.08.2018
* Fixed translation in the admin panel
* Minor issues fix

= 1.3.2 / 25.07.2018
* Minor issues fix

= 1.3.1 / 10.07.2018
* Minor Core code improvements
* Tooltips fixes

1.3.0 / 26.06.2018

  • Code review
  • Minor issues fix

= 1.2.9 / 20.06.2018
* Minor Core code improvements
* Minor issues fix

1.2.8 / 11.06.2018

  • Minor issues fix
  • Code review

1.2.7 / 15.05.2018

  • Fixed plugin activation on multisite
  • Minor issues fix

1.2.6 / 26.04.2018

  • Minor issues fix

1.2.5 / 11.04.2018

  • Code review
  • Minor issues fix

1.2.4 / 28.03.2018

  • Code improvements

1.2.3 / 19.03.2018

  • Code review
  • Minor issues fix

1.2.2 / 01.03.2018

  • Fixed links for Live Chat pro, when Free plugin not installed
  • Core code review
  • Code improvements

1.2.1 / 13.02.2018

  • Code improvements
  • Minor issues fix

1.2.0 / 31.01.2018

  • Core code review
  • Code improvements
  • Minor issues fix / 15.01.2018

  • Minor issues fixed

= / 19.12.2017
* Fixed notification about license expiration
* Added Core code improvements. #retrieve modules strongly ordered by ID
* Minor issues fixes

= / 05.10.2017
* Added French language
* Minor Core code improvements

= / 22.08.2017
* Improved interactions with users
* Added Italian translation
* Added Hungarian translation
* Minor issue fixes

= / 26.04.2017
* Minor issue fixes and improvements

= / 19.04.2017
* Code review and improvements
* Minor issue fix

= / 15.03.2017
* Possibility to hide license expire message.
* Minor issues fix

= / 21.02.2017
* Featured plugins updated – added Membership plugin
* Minor issues fix

= 1.1.9 / 12.01.2017
* Fixed old code for php 7 compatibility
* Add global variable ajaxurl for footer scripts loaded on chat agent page
* Minor improvements

1.1.8 / 01.12.2016

  • Possibility to set display days in When to show options
  • Fix possible issue when main admin agent was not created during the installation process. #43 add 0.3h
  • Minor admin area design improvements
  • Core code improvements

1.1.7 / 18.10.2016

  • Code review and improvements
  • Minor issue fix

1.1.6 / 21.09.2016

  • Add check for chart object – was it created or not
  • Added Featured plugins page for admin area
  • Code review
  • Minor issues fix

1.1.5 / 02.08.2016

  • Code review and improvements
  • Minor issue fix

1.1.4 / 13.07.2016

  • Live chat triggers added
  • Minor issue fix

1.1.3 / 13.04.2016

  • WordPress 4.5 and On Click Chat Fix
  • Fix On Click Chat show for latest jQuery library
  • Minor issue fix

1.1.2 / 29.02.2016

  • Update icons fonts library to latest version
  • Functionality to send notifications about new Chat sessions – to the admin email address
  • Small fix for Notification admin tab design – for an icon
  • Fixed issue with long messages text wrapping
  • Fixed issue with long Send buttons name: now, if it will be too long – it will be just moved to the bottom of the text input box
  • Fixed issue with new lines in messages: now they will be correctly displayed as new lines in the messages list
  • If Chat window width is set in percents and its value is more then 100 – set it back to 100 – as within percents can’t be more then 100%
  • If chat trigger was opened for editing and main Save button is pressed – save current opened for edit trigger too
  • Minor spelling issues fix
  • Language files update
  • Chat Time display settings added – set a Time range when you need to show Chat on your site
  • Chat Date display settings added – set Date range when you need to show Chat on your site
  • Small code review
  • Fix “Height of Messages box” option work: now message box height will be set correctly
  • Fix issue with pressing Enter button in admin area -> Live Chat Settings tab

1.1.1 / 23.02.2016

  • Correct chat finish (“Complete” status) functionality
  • Correct chat minimize / maximize functionality
  • Code review

1.1.0 / 16.02.2016

  • Translation Turkish Language
  • Statistics with graphics, diagrams and other added – PRO
  • Framework code improve
  • Admin area design improve (Agents list improvements)
  • Language files updated

1.0.9 / 15.02.2016

  • Hot fix – Registration settings back

1.0.8 / 11.02.2016

  • Auto update Chat Sessions list in Admin Dashboard – to see latest Chat Sessions right after they were created
  • Fix issue with disabled Triggers
  • Fix problem with triggers, that trigger before chat was actually visible
  • Added “On Exit” – to When to show and Triggers options – to show Live Chat or Trigger action when the user tries to exit from the site – PRO
  • Add new filed to Registration functionality – PRO
  • Reduce memory usage on the client side

1.0.7 / 04.02.2016

  • New Chat Template – “Office”
  • Chat Agents avatars – in Chat window (not for all templates)
  • Print Chat button (not for all templates)
  • Send Chat to Email button (not for all templates)
  • Switch sound notifications for current session from frontend (not for all templates)
  • New admin area loader – more pretty for now
  • Additional Chat Agent information – in Chat screen on frontend (not for all templates)

1.0.6 / 26.01.2016

  • Possibility to edit Agents names right from Agents list in admin area
  • Added Bot user – to send auto-messages from it’s name
  • Draggable chat functionality added!
  • Live CHat Template improvements
  • Admin area interface improvements
  • Default text (placeholder) for message field added

1.0.5 / 20.01.2016

  • Update CSS / HTML code from original – to get latest changes in your chat CSS / HTML
  • Minor issues fix
  • Spelling issues fix
  • Possibility to disable Chat Triggers
  • Improve admin area Chat Triggers view – make it more user-friendly
  • Make Action selection mandatory for Chat Triggers (because of that – it have no sense)
  • Added Spanish language

1.0.4 / 13.01.2016

  • Added language files for translation
  • Added Sound support notifications for new messages
  • Minor fixes for Eye catch triggers functionality
  • Code improvements

1.0.3 / 05.01.2016

  • Pre-chat triggers functionality – possibility to use triggers in your chats!
  • Live Chat Admin area improvements – make it more comfortable for Live Chat setup
  • Live Chat by Supsystic Code review and improvements

1.0.2 / 23.12.2015

  • Added Font Family selection option for Live Chat
  • Moved Live Chat preview in admin area settings screen – from the bottom to the right side
  • Added Padding option for Live Chat
  • Fixed issue with Chat Complete text


  • Submit Live Chat by Supsystic to