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twinklesmtp – Email Service Provider For WordPress


The Twinkle SMTP plugin connects email service providers for WordPress that resolves your email delivery issue by sending emails fast and securely. Twinkle SMTP ensures that all of your emails are delivered on time by using faster transmission.

WordPress does not include an built-in SMTP feature. For mail delivery, it instead makes use of a function called wp_mail. Most form builder plugins, including Elementor’s form builder, use the wp_mail function to deliver the emails.
The wp_mail function depends on the send_mail function. When this send_mail function is disabled, then the wp_mail function also becomes disable. As a result, sending emails becomes difficult.

In this situation, installation and configuration of an SMTP plugin like Twinkle SMTP can solve every issue regarding email sending for your wordpress site. This will keep your emails from ending up in the recipient’s spam folders.

Twinkle SMTP improves your mailing service more efficiently and securely. It always keeps track of your emails by preserving a log of them. Additionally, a complete activity report of email deliverability information in graphical form is available.

Let’s move on to its features.

Features of Twinkle SMTP:

  1. Show a complete activity report of email deliverability information in graphical form.
  2. Maintain email logs with all sending details.
  3. Connect with Any Email Service Providers.
  4. It allows you to resend mails.
  5. Provide the facility of sending emails for testing purposes.
  6. Ensure faster transmission.
  7. Provide a secure mailing process.
  8. Easily control the email notifications.

Why use Twinkle SMTP

Twinkle SMTP connects your WordPress mail with an email service provider and makes a fast and secure email delivery. It sends emails faster and more safely via the provider’s direct email service API. It sends your WP Mails using the proper host, port, and credentials for native SMTP connections.

Twinkle SMTP is a perfect WordPress mail SMTP plugin. It provides the easiest and most secure process of mailing. You can even have all mailing details in a log. You can also delete the log if needed.

This plugin will show all details of the report in the form of a graph, sent emails, failed emails and delete emails. You have the proper flexibility to choose an email service provider.

We highly recommend this SMTP plugin for its efficiency, reliability and faster speed. It will help the email marketing process become easier.

Available Email Service Connections

SendGrid API Connection:

SendGrid is a cloud-based SMTP provider that enables you to send email without the need for email servers. For sending WordPress emails, you can set up your SendGrid email service connection API in less than a minute. SendGrid is a globally distributed, cloud-based architecture.

With Twinkle SMTP, set up your SendGrid email service connection API and send your WordPress Mails fast and securely.

Mailgun Email API Connection:

Mailgun is a third-party email service that uses SMTP on the server to deliver outbound emails. For sending WordPress emails, you may count on its internationally distributed, cloud-based architecture.

You may set up your Mailgun email service connection in less than a minute with Twinkle SMTP connection. It provides a fast and secure email service.

Sendinblue API:

Sendinblue SMTP is the company’s transactional email service. Because they are the outcome of a user’s action or request on a website, transactional emails are also known as “triggered” emails (purchase, forgotten password, account creation, etc).Transactional emails are sent using SMTP relay at Sendinblue, which is why it’s named Sendinblue SMTP.

Twinkle SMTP, connect with Sendinblue API and send Your WordPress emails via an API connection.

SparkPost API Connection:

    You can send email from your website using SparkPost’s email sending service.Send emails that arrive in the inbox on time to reduce client retention and acquire new customers.
    With Twinkle SMTP, set up your SparkPost email service connection with your WordPress and make a fast email delivery.

Amazon SES API Connection:

You receive Amazon’s strong, low-cost, high-deliverability managed infrastructure with Twinkle SMTP SES Connection.
It’s really simple to set up and install Amazon SES API and send all of your WordPress emails with the help of Twinkle SMTP. Your emails will be delivered quickly and correctly after the integration with Amazon SES API.
Twinkle SMTP speeds up email delivery by optimizing the API connection and creating CURL-Tunneling.

Other SMTP

Gmail, Yahoo, Microsoft Live, Zoho Mail, YandexMail, and any other email service that offers SMTP connections are all compatible with the Twinkle SMTP plugin.

The following alternatives are available:

  1. Choose an SMTP host.
  2. Choose an SMTP port.
  3. Select Encryption from the drop-down menu.
  4. Choose whether or not to utilize SMTP authentication.
  5. The SMTP username and password must be specified.

Get Started with TwinkleSMTP

Twinkle SMTP is a 100% free plugin for your convenience. It will create a better way to send emails from your WordPress website. To ensure a secure and fast email transmitting process with a perfect email service provider, grab the Twinkle SMTP plugin. It will definitely serve your purpose.

Replace all of your complex and time consuming WooCommerce plugins with a single plugin that does everything they do and more!



The easy way.

Go to your WordPress Dashboard. Navigate to Plugins > Add New and then search for “twinklesmtp”. Click on Install and then Activate the Plugin.

That’s it, wcEazy Plugin is now activated on your site!

The hard way..

Download “wcEazy WordPress Plugin” and then extract the zip file and just drop the contents in the wp-content/plugins/ directory of your WordPress installation and then activate the Plugin from Plugins page.


1. Does the Twinkle SMTP plugin send email from the WordPress site?

Yes, Twinkle SMTP allows you to send emails from WordPress quickly and securely.

2. Do I need to know any coding language to use this plugin?

Absolutely not! You don’t need any coding knowledge to set it up.
Please take a look at our documentation.

3. Is TwinkleSMTP causing a website to slow down?

TwinkleSMTP was designed with great care, with efficiency and optimization.
The plugin is made with Vue.js and the JavaScript framework, and it will run as a single-page application, assuring seamless and quick performance.


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