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WooCommerce Sales MIS Report


Woocommerce Sales Report plugin shows you all key sales information in one main Dashboard in very easy to understand format which gives a quick overview of your business and helps you make better decisions,
Plugin shows summaries like –

  • Total Order
  • Recent Orders
  • Order Status
  • Order Summary
  • Top n Products
  • Customers, Country
  • Coupons, Payment Gateway Wise Summary/Detail
  • Today, Yesterday
  • This Week
  • This Month
  • This Year
  • Date Filters
  • Export to Excel

Features in Pro Version:

  • Dashboard:
    Comprehensive Summaries on Dashboard
    Today’s Summary, Total Summary, Registered and Guest Customer Counts, full/Partial Refund, Graphical representation of Sales summary by month, days, week and top Products, Projected Vs Actual Sales Summary By – Map, Top n Products, Category, Billing Country, Billing State, Orders, Customer, Coupon, Payment Gateway, Order Statuses
    (Option for User to customize what summaries to be shown on Dashboard)

  • Variation Report:
    Products with their Attribute, Variation ID, Sales qty, Current Stock, Amount and 15+ filters

  • Tax Reports:
    (Tax by City, Tax by State, Tax by Country, Tax By Zip Code, Tax Name, Tax Summary, City Summary, State Summary, Country Summary)

  • Refunds:
    Refund Report showing details of Part Refund, Full Refund

  • Detail Report:
    Order Item Details, Ordered product wise details, there are 18 different filters which user can apply, showing almost 22 columns plus option to Export Billing, Shipping Details.

  • Various Summaries Reports:
    Product, Customer, Billing Country, Payment Gateway, Order Status, Recent Order, Refund Detail (Part/full), Coupon.

  • 8 Different Crosstab Reports:
    Product/Month, Variation/Month, Product/Country, Product/State, Country/Month, Payment G/Month, Order Status/Month, Summary/Month

  • Stock List of Simple and Variation products

  • Projected Vs Actual Sales:
    Calculates difference between Projected Sales and Actual Sales, % of difference, Part/full refund amount, discount amount of years)

  • Auto Email Reporting:
    Auto email getting sent having details of below sales summaries
    (Today, Yesterday, Current Week, Last Week, Current Month, Last Month, Current Year, Last Year, Till Today based on Email Schedule)

  • PDF Invoice:
    Sales Order Invoice PDF Generation
    (Company Name, Address, Company Logo, Signature, Footer)

  • Data Export:
    All Reports can be exported to Excel, CSV, PDF and Print.

  • All Other Reports also have comprehensive filter options.

  • Almost 40+ Reports
    The Lite version is limited to showing summary data for past one month. Purchase the paid Pro Version for full access along with more features, Click here for more details.


  • Sales Summary on Dashboard
  • Graphical presentation of Last 7 Day Sales report
  • Graphical presentation of Top 5 Products report
  • Daily, weekly, monthly and yearly sales count and amount
  • Top 5 Category (total order count and amount)
  • Top 5 Billing country (total order count and amount)
  • Top 5 customer (Customer billing first name, billing email address, order count and total customer order amount)
  • Recent order list (Order ID, Order Date, Billing email, First Name, order Item Count and amount)


1 Ensure you have latest version of [WooCommerce] ( plugin installed.
2 Download the Plug-in
3 Unzip and upload contents of the plugin to your ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory.
4 Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
5 Click on ‘MIS Report’ option within WordPress admin sidebar menu.


Does this work with WooCommerce 3.5.6?

Yes. MIS Report is compatible upto WooCommerce 3.5.6

Can I export data from MIS Report?

No. Currently you can only see these reports. We are planning for CSV export in pro version.


སྤྱི་ཟླ་བཅུ་པ། 27, 2018
Using the dashboard the following errors stand out like a sore thumb: "Advanced Salse Report" - Spelling like a Nigerian prince email When I set a custom date range, only the boxed figures update - parts like 'top 5 best countries' do not update their figures meaning I can't predict sales tax results.
སྤྱི་ཟླ་དགུ་པ། 3, 2016
Go through a woocommerce mis report (free) to woocommerce gold version (paid), this gives all information it needed. Great work!....loved it. recommendable plugin. Thanks
སྤྱི་ཟླ་དགུ་པ། 3, 2016
This is exactly what I was looking for. I would like to see full report on one dashboard, found this great plugin. it's simple to use. This one is clean and efficient. Very nice job. Thanks..
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Contributors & Developers

“WooCommerce Sales MIS Report” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.



3.9 – 15-March-2019

  • Tested: Compatible with latest WooCommerce 3.5.6 and WordPress 5.1.1 versions.
  • Fix: Bug fix.

3.8 – 24-January-2019

  • Tested: Compatible with latest WooCommerce 3.5.4 and WordPress 5.0.3 versions.
  • Fix: Bug fix.

3.7 – 17-January-2019

  • Tested: Compatible with latest WooCommerce 3.5.3 and WordPress 5.0.3 versions.
  • Fix: Bug fix.

3.6 – 15-October-2018

  • Tested: Compatible with latest WooCommerce 3.4.6 and WordPress 4.9.8 versions.
  • Fix: Bug fix.

3.5 – 22-August-2018

  • Tested: Compatible with latest WooCommerce 3.4.4 and WordPress 4.9.8 versions.
  • Fix: Bug fix.

3.4 – 25-June-2018

  • Tested: Compatible with latest WooCommerce 3.4.3 and WordPress 4.9.6 versions.
  • Fix: Bug fix.

3.3 – 08-June-2018

  • Tested: Compatible with latest WooCommerce 3.4.1 and WordPress 4.9.6 versions.
  • Fix: Bug fix.

3.2 – 08-May-2018

  • Tested: Compatible with latest WooCommerce 3.3.5 and WordPress 4.9.5 versions.
  • Fix: Bug fix.

3.1 – 26-Feb-2018

  • Tested: Compatible with latest WooCommerce 3.3.3 and WordPress 4.9.4 versions.
  • Fix: Bug fix.

3.0 – 20-Nov-2017

  • Tested: Compatible with latest WooCommerce 3.2.4 and WordPress 4.9 versions.
  • Fix: Bug fix.

2.3.1 – 04-May-2017

  • Fix: Bug fix.

2.3 – 03-May-2017

  • Tested: Compatible with latest WooCommerce 3.0.5 and WordPress 4.7.4 versions.
  • New: Added Custom Date range to filter the dashboard summaries.
  • New: Added Recent Order export functionality upto 50.

2.2 – 28-April-2017

  • Tested: Compatible with latest WooCommerce 3.0.4 and WordPress 4.7.4 versions.
  • Update: Updated Last 7 days Summary Graph to Amcharts

2.0 – 01/07/2015

  • Tested: Compatible with latest WooCommerce 2.3.11 and WordPress 4.2.2 versions.
  • UI: Major changes in UI
  • Added: Top 5 Category by salse amount
  • Added: Average sales per order
  • Added: Guest count
  • Removed: Graphical presentation of Today Order Count


  • bug fix for 1.1


  • First release. (1.0)
  • New: Total sales order count
  • New: Total sales order amount
  • New: Total products count
  • New: Total categories count
  • New: last seven sales amount in line chart
  • New: Top Five products in term of amount (Pie chart)
  • New: Today order (Meter Chart)