WP Activity Log


WP Activity Log is the most comprehensive activity log plugin for logging user and system changes.

Keep an activity log of everything that happens on your WordPress sites and multisite networks with the WP Activity Log plugin to:

  • Ensure user productivity
  • Improve user accountability
  • Ease troubleshooting
  • Know exactly what all your users are doing
  • Better manage & organize your WordPress site & users
  • Easily spot suspicious behavior before there are security problems.

WP Activity Log is the most comprehensive real-ime user activity and monitoring log plugin. It helps hundreds of thousands of WordPress administrators and security professionals keep an eye on what is happening on their websites and is the most highly-ated activity log plugin for WordPress.

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WP Activity Log has been featured on the websites of some of the most popular and leading businesses in the WordPress ecosystem, such as WPBeginner, GoDaddy, and Kinsta.


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WordPress changes and details the WP Activity Log keeps a log of

As a comprehensive and thorough activity log solution for WordPress, WP Activity Log not only tells you that a post, a user profile, or an object was updated, it also lets you know exactly what was changed within the post, the user profile, or the object.

Below is a summary of the changes that the plugin can keep a record of:

  • Post, page and custom post type changes such as status, content changes, title, URL, custom field, and other metadata changes

  • Tags and categories changes such as creating, modifying or deleting them, and adding or removing them from posts

  • Widgets and menus changes such as creating, modifying, or deleting them

  • User changes such as user created or registered, deleted, or added to a site on multisite network

  • User profile changes such as password, email, display name, and role changes

  • User activity such as login, logout, failed logins, and terminating other sessions

  • WordPress core and settings changes such as installed updates, permalinks, default role, URL, and other site-wide changes

  • WordPress multisite network changes such as adding, deleting or archiving sites, adding or removing users from sites etc (activity logs for multisite networks).

  • Plugins and Themes changes such as installing, activating, deactivating, uninstalling, and updating

  • WordPress database changes such as when a plugin adds or removes a table

  • Changes on WooCommerce Stores & products, Yoast SEO, WPForms, Gravity Forms, Advanced Custom Fields (ACF), MainWP and other popular WordPress plugins.

  • WordPress site file changes such as new files are added, or existing ones are modified or deleted.

For every event that the plugin records it also reports the:

  • Date & time (and milliseconds) of when it happened
  • User & role of the user who did the change
  • Source IP address from where the change happened
  • The object on which the change has taken place

Refer to WordPress activity log event IDs for a complete list of all the changes WP Activity Log can keep a record of and a detailed explanation of what change every event ID represents.

Upgrade to WP Activity Log Premium and get even more

The premium version of WP Activity Log comes bundled with even more features to take your WordPress website administration and security to the next level.

With the premium edition of WP Activity Log, you get:

Premium features list

  • See who is logged to your website in real-time,
  • See what everyone is doing in real-time,
  • Log off any user with just a click,
  • Generate HTML and CSV reports,
  • Get notified via email of important changes,
  • Get instant SMS message alerts of critical site changes,
  • Search the activity log using text-based searches,
  • Use the built-in filters to fine tune the search results,
  • Store activity log in an external database to improve security and scalability,
  • Mirror the activity log to logs management systems such as AWS CloudWatch, Loggly and Papertrail in real-time,
  • Easily mirror the logs in real-time to business communication systems such as Slack,
  • Send a copy of your websites’ activity log to a log file on your web server in real-time,
  • Archive old activity log data to another database for better storage and log management.

Refer to the WP Activity Log plugin features and benefits page to learn more about the benefits of upgrading to WP Activity Log Premium.

WP Activity Log third-party plugin support

WP Activity Log can keep also a detailed log of changes that happen on third-party plugins, including:

  • WooCommerce: Keep a log of changes you and your team do in the WooCommerce store settings, orders, products, coupons, and much more.
  • Yoast SEO: Keep a log of the Yoast SEO plugin settings changes, and also of the on-page SEO changes you and your team make in the Yoast SEO meta box.
  • WPForms]: Keep a log of the changes your team does in the WPForms plugin settings, forms, form files, entries (leads) and more.
  • Gravity Forms: Keep a log of the changes your team does in the Gravity Forms plugin settings, forms, forms settings, entries (leads) and more.
  • MemberPress: Keep a log of the changes in your MemberPress powered website, including plugin settings changes, memberships, payments, subscriptions and other changes that your team does on your website.
  • bbPress: Keep a log of changes in bbPress forums, topics, bbPress settings and more.
  • MainWP: Keep a log of the MainWP network changes and can see the activity logs of all child sites from one central location – the MainWP dashboard.

Other Noteworthy Features

On top of the comprehensive activity log, WP Activity Log also has a number of non-logging specific features that make it a complete WordPress logging solution, such as:

Free and premium support

Premium world-class support for WP Activity Log is free via email or through the WordPress support forums.

Note: Paid customer support is given priority and is provided via one-to-one email. Upgrade to Premium to benefit from priority support.

For any other queries, feedback, or if you simply want to get in touch with us, please use our contact form.

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Installing WP Activity Log

Install WP Activity Log from within WordPress

  1. Visit ‘Plugins > Add New’
  2. Search for ‘WP Activity Log’
  3. Install and activate the WP Activity Log plugin
  4. Allow or skip diagnostic tracking

Install WP Activity Log manually

  1. Extract the plugin ZIP file and upload it to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the WP Activity Log plugin from the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Allow or skip diagnostic tracking


  • The WordPress activity logs from where the site administrator can see all the user and site changes.
  • See who is logged in to your WordPress and manage users sessions with Users Sessions Management.
  • The plugin settings from where site administrator can configure generic plugin settings such as reverse proxy support, who can manage the plugin etc.
  • The WordPress audit trail settings from where you can configure automatic pruning of alerts, which timestamp should be used and more.
  • Configuring WordPress email and SMS alerts with the Email & SMS Notifications module.
  • Search in the WordPress activity log with the use filters to fine tune the search results.
  • The Enable/Disable events section from where Administrators can disable or enable activity log events.
  • The Log Viewer of a Super Admin in a WordPress multisite network installation with the Site selection drop down menu.
  • WP Activity Log is integrated with the built-in revision system of WordPress, thus allowing you to see what content changes users make on your WordPress posts, pages and custom post types. For more information read Keep Record of All WordPress Content Changes
  • Mirror the WordPress activity log to an external solution such as Syslog or Papertrail to centralize logging, ensure logs are always available and cannot be tampered with in the unfortunate case of a hack attack.


Does the free version of WP Activity Log limit the data it collects?

No, the free version does not limit the data the plugin collects. The preium version adds additional features such as extensive log filtering options, external database/log management service integration, user session management, and much more.

How long can I keep the log data for?

You can keep the log data for as long as you want to, with no limits whatsoever placed on data retention. You can keep the log data forever if you want to.

Does the plugin send any log data to Melapress?

No, the plugin does not send any log data to us whatsoever. The only data we recieve is license data from the premium edition of the plugin.

Can I search the log?

By default, WP Activity Log keeps the data in chronological order – in the order it happened. However, you can sort the data by any of the headers available in the Log Viewer. You can also use the free-text search to search for specific information. Log filtering is an added feature that is available in the Premium edition.

Does the plugin receive updates?

We update the plugin fairly regularly to ensure the plugin continues to run in tip-top shape while adding new features from time to time.

Will WP Activity Log slow down my website?

WP Activity Log will not slow down your website. Each release is tested before release to ensure it works in the best way possible. Having said that, you need to make sure your WordPress web server has adequate resources to manage the load of your website.

Support and Documentation

Please refer to our support pages for all the technical and product documentation.


སྤྱི་ཟླ་དགུ་པ། 20, 2023
The plugin works more than I expected. Great help with tricky issue!
སྤྱི་ཟླ་བདུན་པ། 24, 2023 1 reply
I sell software as a service (SAAS) and own 2 websites that I purchased WP Activity Log for. As an SAAS business owner, I like to support other businesses that sell software, which is why I purchased this company's plugin twice (1 for each of my websites). After installing the plugin, I realized the plugin's concurrent login function doesn't work properly. The plugin repeatedly kicks users out and/or prevents them from logging in (including the admin). Every time I activated the plugin it would log me out of my website. In the end I had to remove the plugin completely and hire a PHP developer to create code to prevent concurrent logins. (If anyone needs the code, please find it below). I read some previous reviews that stated this company refuses to provide refunds, but unfortunately, I didn't take them seriously. I'm now working with my credit card company to chargeback the purchases and it's been a headache. I love the WordPress community and have bought dozens of plugins from various companies without an issue. WP Activity Log is the first company to leave a bad taste in my mouth. Their software doesn't work and they will do everything in their power to keep your money after the payment is made. Simply disgusting behavior. Please find code that I found useful for preventing concurrent logins below. I've been able to couple this with the WordPress Simple History plugin and have had no issues with my sites. /*** allows only one user to be logged in per account*/function only_one_login() {$token = wp_get_session_token();if ( $token ) {$manager = WP_Session_Tokens::get_instance( get_current_user_id() );$manager->destroy_others( $token );}}add_action('init', 'only_one_login');
སྤྱི་ཟླ་བདུན་པ། 18, 2023
We had many people taking care of the internal works on our website and a few times things broke and caused losses in revenue. Not to blame anyone, but to prevent such issues in the future we needed a plugin that would help us track and find whose and which actions led to the problems with the website. This is a great plugin for that, and the support team is great! Thank you!Julia & the Team, Retouching Academy
སྤྱི་ཟླ་དྲུག་པ། 10, 2023 3 replies
From all the activity monitoring plugins I have tested so far, this one has by far the most extensive feature set. This can be great if you are a geek, but for most users this is simply overwhelming. On the other hand, a huge part of this functionality is only available in the paid version, which is heavily advertized, and that is overwhelming as well. If you only plan to use the free version, then there are several better options. I'm not the guy who expects that everything must be free, but the amount of advertizing in this plugin is simply too much. P.S. Hiding the plugin from the list of installed plugins by default makes no sense – except to make it more difficult for inexperienced users to get rid of the plugin. Very bad practice.
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4.5.2 (2023-05-11)

Release notes: Improved compatability, UX, security updates, and much more

  • Plugin & features improvements

    • Improved PHP 8.2 compatability.
    • Replaced the elipsis icon used for the Event data viewer with a “More details” button in the activity log viewer.
    • Updated a number of hooks (better interoperability) used in custom sensors.
    • Improved the “installed plugin” check to only show one extension notification when both the free and premium edition of a plugin are installed at the same time.
    • Activity log data is also automatically deleted from the archive database when using the logs data deletion tool.
  • Security updates

    • Fixed a number of CSRFs, missing authorization & missing capabilities checks
  • Bug fixes

    • Fixed: Fatal error reported when cloning a site on a multisite network with the NS Cloner plugin.
    • Fixed: Plugin was not retrieving the correct IP address when using a reverse proxy since update 4.5.0.
    • Addressed a number of PHP Warnings reported when using the WP Rocket plugin to purge the cache.
    • Fixed: PHP warning when saving Exclude Objects settings.
    • Setting up a mirroring connection and configuring the mirror of logs was not being reported in the logs.
    • Fixed: Fatal error when using the User Switching plugin to switch a user’s session.
    • Fixed: Logins from non-native login forms (such as those from WooCommerce) were not captured correctly since update 4.5.0.
    • Fixed: Plugin not terminating existing user session when the seting to “overwrite existing session” was enabled.

Refer to the complete plugin changelog for more detailed information about what was new, improved and fixed in previous version updates of WP Activity Log.