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WP Docs is a documents management plugin. You can manage user roles to restrict access to files, directory view, file types allowed for uploading. Nicely managed layouts with optional Bootstrap wrappers.


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How it works?

WP Docs Insights

  • Breadcrumb bar is available for a better navigation.
  • Front end refresh based files browser.
  • Front end ajax based browsing.
  • Document preview and thumbnails available for most file types.
  • Multiple directory views are available, also with the shortcodes.
  • Multiple instances are possible with the shortcodes, icons, list and details.
  • Posts created for each new directory and your library items will be considered as file items using meta fields for post efficiently.
  • The ability to create unlimited, edit and delete directories and sub-directories.
  • A smooth navigation experience based on jQuery/Ajax instead of page refresh. This is a premium feature.
  • Each folder can have a separate shortcode so you can use different pages for different directory listing and files inside.
  • Folder icon and title size can be changed in pixels or percentage from settings page.


This WordPress Plugin is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation, either version 2 of the License, or any later version. This free software is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License for more details. You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License along with this software. If not, see http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl-2.0.html.


  • Settings Page – Customized
  • Settings Page – Parts
  • Delete file / folder or edit file / folder
  • Go back / add files to directory
  • List, details and large icons view
  • Different shortcodes for different directories / folders
  • Directory browsing facility
  • Manage directories
  • Thumbnails Display
  • WP Docs menu under settings
  • Security Level – User Roles Dropdown
  • Create a new folder
  • WP Responsive Tabs Compatbility – Documents inside tabs
  • Single click selection – When you enable front-end delete feature
  • Double click action – When you enable front-end delete feature
  • Order file by title, date and modified.
  • Settings Page – Full
  • Import files from Memphis directory.
  • WP Docs directory after importing files from Memphis directory.
  • File description instead of file name.


From the WordPress plugin menu click on Add New and search for WP Docs

Instead of searching for a plugin you can directly upload the plugin zip file by clicking on Upload:

Use the browse button to select the plugin zip file that was downloaded, then click on Install Now. The plugin will be uploaded to your blog and installed. It can then be activated.

“WP Docs” is available in left admin menu under settings.


How can I delete multiple files at once?

How can I copy/clone non-empty directory/files from one directory to another?

How can I change directories background, text and hover colors?

How can I change sort order by Filename or Post Title?

How security level feature work?

Click on any directory and select a logged in user role as a security level. So automatically logged in and that required role will be implemented as dual security. In addition, all sub-directories will follow get the same security level.

What if I accidentally turn back to FREE version from PRO?

Your data security is important for us. In case you got replaced the PRO version with a FREE one, all secured directories and content inside will remain secured and will work in the same way. The only missing part would be, new security level implementation and/or removal.

How to manage files with this plugin?

You can create directories with sub-directories to manage files with this plugin. You can add a new folder with “New Folder” button and edit / delete files or folders with Edit / Delete buttons.

How to implement different shortcodes on different sub-pages with different sub-folders?

Create a new sub-folder / sub-directory, different shortcode will appear in shortcode section. so you can use different pages for different directory listing and files inside.

What are the advanced features?

How users can download the files from front-end?

Can files be uploaded from front-end? Who can upload files from front-end?

Yes, Admin can allow user roles for uploading files. Allowed user roles can upload files from front-end. If admin will allow so logged in user can delete the files related to his account from front-end.

What type of files user can upload?

Allowed file types can be defined by admin and user can upload allowed file types only.

Can logged-in user see all files?

If “Show files uploaded by logged-in user only” is not checked then logged-in user can see all the files. If this box is checked, logged-in user can see only his uploaded files.

How to import files from Memphis Document Library?

On settings page, there is a button named Memphis Documents Library. Open it and click “Import From Memphis Documents Library”. Confirm importing by clicking OK. All files will be imported from Memphis Documents Library.

Is it safe to rollback import?

Yes, it is safe to rollback import. When you will undo import, imported files from Memphis Documents Library will be deleted from WP Docs directory but still remain in Memphis Library.

Uninstalling WP Docs

When you uninstall the plugin, files will still remain in your WordPress library because these files are linked within these directories not physically moved within.


སྤྱི་ཟླ་དང་པ། 25, 2024 11 replies
Fahad too great care to troubleshoot with me and fix the issues we had. He spent 2.5 hours working through and understanding our problems and fixed them. Looking forward to the multi-select and import/export. Very excited! Super Amazing Support. Thank you so much Fahad! Original post below is resolved! We were forced to replace Memphis Docs due to security concerns. When searching for a replacement we found that options were limited. I had several questions and Fahad was very responsive with answering them. Then during testing there were issues that arose with the plug-in and Fahad was very helpful and even put out a bug fix or two. Thank you! Now that we have committed 20+ sites to convert and use WP Docs, upgraded to Pro, we have run into another bug and need a very basic feature request filled. I posted for help and support 3 days ago and no response at all. What we need is the ability to select multiple files at one time. For moving documents to “manage” how our members access the information. Moving files from one folder to the next is one at a tile or the entire folder and you have to copy/delete in two separate actions. Like ALL basic file systems have, we need to multi-select documents and MOVE them to a new location. I expected it to be in the Pro version and it is not. Very disappointing and super time consuming to do it within the limitations of WP Docs. Even more disappointing that the Author has gone silent after all the time it took to convert to WP Docs.
སྤྱི་ཟླ་དང་པ། 24, 2023 1 reply
To start breadcrumb nav is broken–does not show at all for sub folders, and otherwise is scrunched and stuffed to the right because of the developer’s CSS (not due to theme). “Hide borders & bars” does nothing. Visual is sophomoric and not customizable. Order is forced to reverse creation order and you have to pay an exorbitant $145 just to have a different order and no way to reorder anything. Don’t know what the point of the the choice to use Bootstrap is since if you turn it off the display is completely wacko. Poorly thought out and barely useable.
སྤྱི་ཟླ་བཞི་པ། 19, 2022
The plugin is useful for organize files into folders and it does everything as expected. We needed a little support: the developer Fahad was very helpful and really quick to answer and to resolve the problem. Perfect support!
སྤྱི་ཟླ་བཞི་པ། 6, 2022
This Plugin is really easy to work with and is doing everything as expected like organizing our files in backend and frontend of the Website with multiple folders and easy access to the files such as PDF, JPG, etc. for our website visitors. And recently we wanted a small feature and The Support Team replied really fast to our questions and understood what we needed and helped us with the necessary changes. Really Great!!!
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“WP Docs” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.


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  • New: Custom file icon for PDF files. [08/05/2024][Thanks to Riccardo Catone]


  • Fix: LVT-tholv2k discovered and reported this Cross Site Scripting (XSS) vulnerability in WordPress WP Docs Plugin to Patchstack. [02/05/2024][Thanks to patchstack.com | Darius S. | LVT-tholv2k]


  • New: Multi-select and bulk delete option. [25/04/2024][Thanks to Cory Bonallo]


  • New: Custom file icon for PDF files. [24/04/2024][Thanks to Riccardo Catone]


  • Fix: Problem with security level. [17/04/2024][Thanks to Erblin Shehu]


  • Fix: The renaming comes into effect only if we refresh the page. [14/02/2024][Thanks to nikhildev]


  • Fix: Download button functionality tested in multi-site environment. [03/02/2024][Thanks to Cory Bonallo]


  • Fix: Download button functionality glitch. [01/02/2024][Thanks to Cory Bonallo]


  • New: Shortcut can be created of a link as well. [31/01/2024][Thanks to Michael Lüers]


  • Fix: Folder names with an ampersand “&” in the name due to jQuery.html() will not bother the administrator anymore. [25/01/2024][Thanks to Cory Bonallo]


  • Revised: Any file or folder names with an ampersand “&” in the name will not delete or open. The & character is stored as the HTML equivalent. [23/01/2024]


  • Fix: Any file or folder names with an ampersand “&” in the name will not delete or open. The & character is stored as the HTML equivalent. [Thanks to @cbonallo][21/01/2024]


  • Fix: filesize() related warning muted. [Thanks to @cbonallo][02/08/2023]


  • New: Ajax based deep search option introduced for nth child level search for directories and files with just one input field. [Thanks to Eleonora Gardini & Riccardo Catone][07/07/2023]


  • New: Scroll to the navigated directory ID div. [Thanks to Taylor Bacigalupo][23/05/2023]


  • Fix: XSS vulnerability removed on admin settings page through the directory name in the URL. [Thanks to Darius Sveikauskas][02/05/2023]


  • Fix: Nonce ensured while creating new directories, updating and deleting existing directories. [Thanks to Darius Sveikauskas][18/04/2023]


  • Fix: A colspan attribute corrected on files list view. [Thanks to Henri Paturel][23/11/2022]


  • Fix: Document title cleanup. [Thanks to bharathfury939][09/10/2022]


  • Fix: Call to a member function ab_io_display() on null. [Thanks to estreet706][15/09/2022]


  • Fix: Memphis Documents Library downward compatibility revised. [Thanks to Oscar Polanco][12/09/2022]


  • Fix: Maria DB Error (You have an error in your SQL syntax). [Thanks to Erivelto][28/07/2022]


  • Fix: Detail view sortable columns. [Thanks to Lucas][16/06/2022]


  • Fix: List view and detail view, icon float-left fix. [Thanks to David Waiengnier][11/06/2022]


  • New: Copy/Clone directory/files feature has been refined. [Thanks to Ana Karina Rodríguez Pérez][13/05/2022]


  • New: Copy/Clone directory/files feature has been added. [Thanks to Ana Karina Rodríguez Pérez][12/05/2022]


  • Order by post_title for the directories list, revised. [Thanks to Henry Delsol][11/04/2022]


  • Order by post_title for the files list, revised. [Thanks to Henry Delsol][06/04/2022]


  • File description instead of file name. [Thanks to David Waiengnier][25/03/2022]


  • Multiple directories shortcode refined. [Thanks to milesthorne][12/02/2022]


  • Multiple directories shortcode introduced. [Thanks to milesthorne][12/02/2022]


  • Delete from front-end managed with logged in and logged out CSS classes. [Thanks to Zachjjackson]


  • Delete from front-end should not be visible to relevant user role when logged in. [Thanks to Zachjjackson]


  • Delete from front-end should not be visible if user is not logged in. [Thanks to Zachjjackson]


  • Folder as a shortcut, new feature added. [Thanks to itsmir & Roi Webreach]


  • Tools tab added with URL translator. [Thanks to Ana Karina Rodríguez Pérez]


  • User experience improved, file will open with single click. [Thanks to Andrew Narunsky]


  • Directory specific settings introduced. [Thanks to Daniel Hahn / WZLforum gGmbH Kirstin Marso]


  • Memphis Documents Library compatibility revised.


  • Memphis Documents Library compatibility added.


  • List documents with their title instead of their name. [Thanks to alopezosa and simisb]


  • Premium shortcode attributes displayed on settings page in FREE Version as well. [Thanks to Bryan Earl]


  • Double click file opening on file list view fixed. [Thanks to Mairie de Charols]


  • Sortable columns functionality added. [Thanks to Team Ibulb Work & GERMAN ZARZA CARO]


  • Playstore App related scripts improved. [Thanks to Team Ibulb Work]


  • Add files link revised. [Thanks to Team Ibulb Work]


  • Add files icon initialized with 2 seconds delay. [Thanks to @sannea and @ronaldz]


  • Borders can be removed, an optional feature added. [Thanks to borake197]


  • PHP notice for Spanish language – Fixed. [Thanks to Abu Usman]


  • Bootstrap class dropdown-menu conflict resolved with WP theme oceanwp. [Thanks to grg26450]


  • Updating capabilities from Administrator to Editor for back-end. [Thanks to borake197]


  • FREE version, details view, click event handled for files opening. [Thanks to Bien & Team Ibulb Work]


  • Single click and double click issue resolved. [Thanks to Fusion Graphics Phuket]


  • WP Responsive Tabs compatibility ensured. [Thanks to Antony]


  • Unknown filetype uploaded and was appearing uselessly – Fixed. [Thanks to borake197]


  • FAQ’s updated. [Thanks to Abu Usman]


  • Security checklist ensured. [Thanks to borake197]


  • Fontawesome CSS and webfonts updated.


  • Fontawesome added to CSS and JS folders. [Thanks to pererikolsen]


  • Numerous features added including view parameter in shortcodes. [Thanks to Stef & Sonia]


  • Ajax based shortcodes will keep the settings unique while loading content. [Thanks to Antony]


  • word-wrap: break-word, added for titles. [Thanks to Wesker HU]


  • Reset settings button added with red color. [Thanks to Wesker HU]


  • Android App released. [Thanks to Team AndroidBubbles]


  • Instead of using sessions, we are using database. [Thanks to therustyfox & Team Ibulb Work]


  • session_start() muted in this version. [Thanks to therustyfox & Team Ibulb Work]


  • Filter box feature added. [Thanks to Interpolat Solutions]


  • UI improved.


  • Download directory option added. [Thanks to Team Ibulb Work]


  • Updated date and time format. [Thanks to Jürgen]


  • Updated assets.


  • Security level introduced. [Thanks to therustyfox]


  • User experience improved. [Thanks to Andrew Narunsky]


  • WP Docs (1.4.1) User experience improved. [Thanks to dergrosz]


  • WP Docs (1.4.0) sort documents by Title admin side and breadcrumbs – fixed. [Thanks to reason8 & Andrew Narunsky]


  • WP Docs (1.3.9) sort documents by Title – fixed. [Thanks to reason8]


  • Fixed files uploading error. [Thanks to josephtobi53 & dondiegoesparza09]


  • Video tutorials added. [Thanks to Abu Usman]


  • Thumbnails toggle provided on settings page. [Thanks to Abu Usman]


  • Front-end files upload feature updated.


  • Front-end files upload feature added. [Thanks to asabo & nize]


  • A few minor CSS corrections.


  • Bootstrap toggle provided. [Thanks to therustyfox]


  • Ajax Based Directory Navigation refined.


  • Ajax Based Directory Navigation added. [Thanks to Ibulb Work Team]


  • Assets refined. [Thanks to Abu Usman]


  • Shortcodes added. [Thanks to nize]


  • Delete functionality improved with long filename. [Thanks to Lubomir]


  • Delete functionality revised. [Thanks to boneceklp]


  • Screenshots updated.


  • Bootstrap based front-end reviewed. [Thanks to Abu Usman]


  • Bootstrap based front-end revised. [Thanks to boneceklp]


  • Bootstrap based front-end released. [Thanks to Team Ibulb Work]


  • Languages added. [Thanks to Abu Usman]


  • Multiple uploads refined.


  • Legacy option removed, please don’t update this version if you’re using legacy.


  • Fixed: WordPress Plugin Security Vulnerability / Missing Validation on TLS Connections


  • New functionality added with downward compatibility.


  • A few important updates.


  • Sanitized input and fixed direct file access issues.


  • Fixed multiple level child directory issue in Pro version.


  • Fixed 2nd level child directory addition problem. [Thanks to Joe & Mike]


  • Fixed parent directory related files display.


  • Releasing with complex directory structure and improved jQuery files browser on front-end.


  • Initial Release of WP Docs